We are a Melbourne based entertainment booking agency that specialises in customised performers and lookalike tribute shows. We have partnerships with several businesses where our performers deliver items such as Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Flowers etc in character. We also work closely with companies for their marketing activations, promotional activities.

Our entertainment style is different to other kids’ parties, it’s something you have to experience. It’s full of music and dancing and we create a sense of magic for the little ones. We also add some of your favourite requested songs. So, if you have a favourite Italian song for example, let us know and we will add it to our playlist and do a great dance to it.
We value you and the community. XLENT Events entertainment aim is to create lifelong memories for the whole family. We want you to have fun as parents. Our entertainers will lift up your event!

Our team come from all different roles, mostly corporate and mix with theatrical entertainers and dancers. 
We have lived in the UK, NYC, Italy,Asia and travelled the world. 

XLENT’s creativity is derived from travelling the world and embracing cultures and people, and we blend our style with our entertainment.

All of us have kids of our own and understand the struggles of being a parent. If your child is battling life in any kind of way, we are here to lighten them up. It is an experience that will be unforgettable to both parents and kids, and all will enjoy it.

Do you want to meet the team that makes this effortless? We all do this as a passion project 

 XLENT Team.




The inspiration begins when we create the magic. We work with your concepts and deliver entertainment. Let the creation begin and when the event comes, it’s time to enjoy and have some fun with your event. Our performers will captivate the crowd.


We connect you to the right entertainment and make this personalised.


We believe event planning, needs to have strategic intent. Our value is to create simplicity through this process.


We know that every moment requires creative imagination and planning. We would like to make this a fun event for both parents and kids. We are here to fulfil your vision and bring it to life.



What’s a party without the life of the party? Entertainment is what makes a party truly a party, and every special event deserves one. We offer entertainment acts and theatrical shows for children and mostly focus on charity events.


XLENT events have just what you need to celebrate your unique occasion in style. By creating a catalogue of innovative and breath-taking entertainment, our fun experts have been able to carve a niche for themselves in such a competitive industry.


So be it a corporate event or a kid’s party, you can always be sure to hire a range of talented performers that will have your guests on the edge of their seats, wow the kids and have them exhilarated throughout the entire event span. 


Our larger than life characters as well as the numerous entertainment products stored in our fun factory make it relatively easy for us to tantalize you in a handful of ways. So please let us know what you like and we will make sure your party will be one to remember for the next years to come.