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About Us

Entertainment Agency Melbourne 

We are a booking agent for performers and entertainment agencies in Melbourne. We connect you to the right people. Our performers have a different approach to children's birthday party entertainment. It’s something you have to experience. It’s full of EPIC entrance music and dancing that is on trend. The performers selected will create a sense of magic for the little ones' day. We also add some of your favorite requested songs. So, if you have a favorite Italian song for example, let us know and we will add it to our playlist and do a great dance to it. Our focus in inclusion and mental health for children's wellbeing in our community. We connect you to the right performer and entertainment agency
We value you and the community. XLENT Events entertainment aim is to create lifelong memories for the whole family.  Our role is to help lift up your event or to uplift a person. 

​All of us have kids of our own and understand the struggles of being a parent. If your child is battling life in any kind of way, we are here to lighten them up. It is an experience that will be unforgettable to both parents and kids, and all will enjoy it.


Our Values



The inspiration begins when we create the magic. We work with your concepts and deliver entertainment. Let the creation begin and when the event comes, it’s time to enjoy and have some fun with your event. Our performers will captivate the crowd.



We connect you to the right entertainment and make this personalized.



Different styles of entertainment it's highly energetic.


Fun & Positive

We ensure you and your guests have fun and we send a positive message. Our aim is to uplift the community.

Our Purpose

We connect you to the right entertainment and make this personalized.

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