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Roving/Ticketed Entertainment

This is for roving entertainment or if you have an event and its ticketed.

What is involved in this package? 

Your Character of choice arrives in costume and the act has the character and will make this a special and memorable event.  This is customise to what you have in mind, we ensure the vision you have comes to life! Our package hourly rates lessens every hour.


✅ Chosen Character(s)
✅ We will bring Bubbles
✅ We will bring Speakers for music and theatrics

✅ We also bring wireless microphone
✅ Roaming and interacting with guest

✅ Add has many hours and characters

Package Price

Standard Characters 

(Superheroes, Princess, Impersonators) - $230 + Travel +GST

Mascot Entertainer + Party Host 

(2 x Entertainers) $265 + Travel + GST

Premium Large Characters

(Transformers, Hulk, Hulk-buster) + Host ( 2 X entertainers ) $300+ Travel +GST

Travel 🚘

Travel Fee will be calculated as per below per entertainer.

After 30km per entertainer $10

After 40km per entertainer $20

After 50km per entertainer $30

After 60km per entertainer $40

Around 70km per entertainer $50

After 70KM we will have to provide a quote


We are registered for GST.

Booking Process


Fill out the booking with time, date and characters 


We source performance for the requested requirements and check if they are available and schedule their time. If they can't we'll let you know, and If you are flexible with time let us know. All via email.


We send Deposit Emails. This means we have secured entertainers and are holding their time. Don't Leave this too late, entertainers work for multiple agencies


When you pay a deposit. This means it's confirmed with the entertainers. If not paid we have to drop the booking. So let us know asap if you are keen or not. We are holing performers time.


The final payments email will be sent. Please pay final amount


One week before the event. You will receive a pre-event reminder email. Confirm all your details, phone number, address any other request i.e parking, etc. Check junk email as well.


Entertainers stay in character from start to finish arrival with epic-themed music and bubbies creating excitement. There is nothing you needed to do other than have your phone close by in case they call/message you. Generally 5-15 minutes they will be outside ready to entertain. We don't want you to panic it's programmed. Allow 15 minutes variation although if they are really late. Call us!


Let us know how it went. Any improvement? Did you enjoy it?

Booking Form Meaning

If you see 'Supplement' it's the way our booking system adds cost from the base price.

Additional Info

If you are wanting entertainment interstate we need travel time, accommodation provided , so have that in mind in cost.

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