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Adult Telegram

Celebrating a friend or loved one? Release a bear into the party.  Giant, life-sized teddy bear that serves as a perpetual reminder for the celebrant of your love and affection. Bonus feature: offers comforting bear hugs and a pleasantly cushy pod for snuggling. If you'd like to add a more mature (but totally not
forbidden) twist to it, opt for a pairing of alcohol and flower bouquets to go alongside the furry gift. And of course, we'll send in our A-team of entertainers to breathe their magical presence into your event. The only thing louder than the exuberant music, singing,dancing, playing, and glass-clinking, would be the laughter of guests.

What is involved in this package?

Your Character of choice arrives in costume and act has the character and will make this a special and memorable event. 


✅ Chosen Character(s)
✅ We will bring Bubbles
✅ We will bring Speakers for music and theatrics
✅ Roaming and interacting with guest
✅ Add-on meaningful personalised message

✅ Play favourite songs
✅ Theatrical entrance and exit
✅ 5-10 Minute Theatrical Show 

✅ You can add Bottle of Wine, Champagne, Flowers and card
✅ Great for photos and lasting memory
✅ 18+

✅ 15 minutes duration



  1. Standard Characters (Superheroes, Princess, Impersonators) - $230 + Travel +GST

  2. Mascot Entertainer + Party Host (2 x Entertainers) $265 + Travel + GST

  3. Premium Large Characters (Transformers, Hulk, Hulk-buster) + Host ( 2 X entertainers ) $300+ Travel +GST

Travel Fee will be calculated as per below per entertainer.
Around 30km per entertainer $15
Around 40km per entertainer $25
Around 50km per entertainer $35
Around 60km per entertainer $45
Around 70km per entertainer $60
After 70KM we will have to provide a quote


We are registered for GST

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